Mouthwateringly good!

“Their sushi rolls are addicting. One bite, and you’ll be hooked! Also a must try is their steak habachi. Mouthwateringly good!”

Janice P.

Great service and good food!

“The staff from Osaka are very friendly. The service was great overall. We ordered three rolls and two appetizers and as always it was DELICIOUS.”

Jerry B.

Pretty platings!

“The plating was carefully and beautifully made. The presentation of the food was very appetizing. My eyes and tummy were fed well. Thank you to the awesome staff and chefs of Osaka!”

Warill J.

Seafood + Rice = Love

“Osaka’s sushi was amazing. It made me want to go back, I will recommend this place to my friends and family.”

Adams C.

More of that please!

“I couldn’t get enough of their food. It was amazing, consistent and delicious. The salad was also great, I needed to have a take out. Thank you for a great dining experience.”

Feila S.

Fine eel

“For a change, I wanted to try some eel because I’ve never eaten it before. They call this fish anaga. It was brilliantly seasoned and unbelievably delicious. Fine texture!”

Jim O.

You’ll never run out of options

“I wouldn’t mind eating here every day – I like so many items in their menu. Try their lunch bento box as well as their sushi rolls. You’ll never run out of options!”

Brooke P.


“Highly recommended for everyone that’s into good food. Just give their sushi rolls a try. You won’t regret it. It’s so delicious, it’s blog-worthy and I bet you you’ll come back for seconds.”

Dove M.

Great variety

“What I love about Osaka is their abundance of variety. You will never get tired of sushi at this restaurant because there are so many types to choose from! Very different (in a good way) from other Japanese restaurants which just keep on serving the same thing. One of my favorite restaurants here in Charlotte!”

Addison D.

One of the best in the US

“One of the best Japanese restaurants, not just in Charlotte, but in all of United States! Seriously! You have GOT to try them and you’ll see why I say that. Their fish are fresh, and they have so many types of sushi to choose from. Amazing place – highly recommended!”

Adler W.

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