For the love of Sushi

“If you love shrimp, and salmon, and tuna, and all things sushi, Osaka is the best place to go. You can really tell they use the freshest ingredients, and the prices can’t be beat. Highly recommended!”

Aiken E.

Delicious Japanese food

“Delicious Japanese food, lovely waitstaff, reasonably priced menu and amazing ambiance. Perfect place to dine out with family and friends.”

Clark W.

My version of comfort food

“My version of comfort food: warm miso soup, a plate of assorted sashimi, and maybe a steak hibachi all from Osaka. The perfect reward for a week of hard work!”

Lois E.

Yummy, yummy!

“Yummy, yummy, yummy! Osaka always makes my tummy happy! I can’t get enough of their assorted sushi rolls. It’s delicious and way healthier than eating hamburger and fries on a Friday night.”

Amber S.

Amazing sauce

“The most delicious sushi I have ever had, bar none. I think it’s the sauce they put on top of their sushi. Really sets them apart. You haven’t tasted good sushi until you’ve been here!”

Krista A.

Fresh ingredients!

“I can tell they make their sushi from the freshest ingredients. Other restaurants’ tuna and salmon sashimi have a bland and fishy aftertaste because they use frozen fish. Not these guys. Succulent, flavorful fish, and very clean taste. Perfect place for sushi lovers!”

Janie M.

Hands down favorite

“It’s a sushi fiesta! They have all kinds — all delicious, all fresh. Then they put this special sauce on top, which is absolutely tasty. One of my favorite restaurants, hands down!”

Roderick H.

Sushi lover

“Can I just eat their sushi all day, every day? I am seriously addicted! Can’t wait for weekends when I get my Japanese food fix. Thank you so much for opening in Winston-Salem!”

Traci N.

No sushi left standing!

“A testament to how great their food tastes: our plates always end up clean. No sushi left remaining! It’s that freakin’ awesome!”

Juliana R.

Kids loved it

“Took my family out here recently to celebrate a recent promotion. Kids did NOT like it at first, but they warmed up to it when they saw the menu. They wanted to try the Volcano rolls, just because of the word Volcano. It was so funny seeing them attempt to eat with chopsticks. Wish I took a video. Now they’re asking when we’ll be back!”

Terence R.

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